Projects and Achievements

General Projects and Studies

  • TÜBİTAK 2242 University Students Research Project Competition First Prize in Energy and Environment Category. (Unmanned Autonomous Watercraft & Design, Electronics, Software)
  • Konya Technical University 6th Engineering Student Projects Second Prize. (Unmanned Autonomous Watercraft & Design, Electronics, Software)
  • HEMIPTERA – Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Patent Application (Patent Examination procedure is still ongoing).

Social Responsibility Projects

Mars on Earth Project

I am the founder of the Mars on Earth Project. We are a non-profit organization with team of volunteered space enthusiasts who wish to spread their all space and Mars researches/ knowledges to the world, to every age group. We have many projects that are currently being developed. For instance, the Desktop Mars Base project is a small part of a bigger project, which includes satellite communication, radio astronomy, etc. This project, which is specially designed to be economic and easy for students, can be seen as an introduction to coding, electronics, sensor systems, and wireless communication.

Another project is a Prototype Mars Rover project, which is a bigger project. This project includes rovers that can be controlled over the Internet with time-lags. Mars on Earth Project aims to create awareness and base for Mars researches/projects. Our audience is not only limited to adults; we hope to have some more young enthusiasts as well!

TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats)

I am a volunteer of the TEMA Foundation. The purpose of TEMA Foundation is; to show that it is possible to fight against erosion and desertification that threaten our soil, to draw attention to the danger, to protect the soil, to produce protective solutions, to afforestation, to protect natural assets and to make this struggle a state policy.