My Little Friends

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Image Credit: Serenay USLU

Friendly animals with whom we share the same world. I could not take care of a dog even though I wanted so much to avoid disturbing people due to constant apartment and urban life reasons.

However, this did not prevent me from staying away from them. As a matter of fact today; a dog and a cat at my work office where I can reach out and touch.

Miço: The mascot of our office. It’s a 1 year old Terrier breed dog. My manager’s dog is sometimes our loyal visitor in the office. The most enjoyable activity in the world!

Volt: The name of our feline friend. Volt is now 1 year old. It’s hid in my friend’s under car to protect herself from the cold one winter’s day.. We opened a place in our office in order to provide him with a nice and warm home.