Who I’m?

Hi! My name is Serenay USLU. I was born in November 1996 in Gölcük. My family had the good fortune to reside in the civil service in many cities in Turkey.

While I was ending my secondary school life in Ankara and Erzurum , I completed high school in Giresun Aksu Anatolian High School. During this process, I observed many people and professions.

Considering my future and my plan, I decided that engineering is the right profession for me while I was studying at Anatolian High School.

Throughout my life, producing alternative solutions to problems, analytical thinking and emerging emerged in the old time in the foreground.

My request to support this personally / institutionally by caring about ecology, nature, life and the future of the world has emerged. For this reason, I chose Environmental Engineering. I am still working as a Project Engineer in the R&D department of a private company.

My Education Career

  • Selçuk University “Environmental Engineering” Undergraduate Program.
  • Anadolu University – I graduated from “Geographic Information Science and Cartography” Associate Degree.

My Education Projects

  • Mersin / Tarsus Water Supply and System Design Student Project.
  • France / Le Havre Wastewater Treatment Plant Student Project.
  • Manisa / Akhisar Drinking Water Treatment Plant Student Project.
  • Sakarya / Geyve Wastewater Removal and System Design Student Project.

My Internship Program

  • İSKİ – Department of Wastewater Treatment and HR and Training Department (İstanbul).
  • Fosfor Environmental Inspection and Consulting Services (İstanbul).

My Certificates and Courses

  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) – Digital Transformation Mini MBA.
  • NETCAD Yazılım AŞ. – Netcad Basic Education & Wastewater Projecting.
  • TSC Akademi – Effective Presentation Techniques Training.
  • TSC Academy – Occupational Health and Safety Management Program for Environmental Engineers,
  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) – Project Management Principles and Standards Training.

My Foreign Language Education

  • English Language Education. I received a B2-Level certificate after the training given by the Ministry of National Education.
  • I am trying to improve my German language education.

My Hobbies & Other

  • I have Class (B) Driving License.
  • Class (A) Ham Radio License. My callsign TA2ISU (Old Callsign TB9YDC).
  • I work on Cubesat communication in low earth orbit (LEO) and ham radio communication with the International Space Station.
  • I am trying to improve myself on unmanned and autonomous land-air-sea vehicles technologies.
  • I am individually interested in little robotic applications.
  • I love to play the Kalimba (Mbira) musical instrument.

I am woman, but I am strong!

When I start a new job, I will continue until I do my best. This is not dissatisfaction, but shows the importance / devotion I give to my work and the other person. Due to professional findings, I am knowledgeable and stable in terms of recycling, waste reduction at source, and less and conscious water use.